Bring Yoga to Your School

If school is your home away from home, let Breathe and Play come to you!


Why should kids do Yoga?

Schools are reporting:

  • Increase in anxiety, depression, diagnoses, behavior, and bullying

  • Decrease in social/emotional skills, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-confidence, ability to self-regulate, and time for self-care

How can kids yoga help?

Research shows that yoga helps kids learn:

  • Mindfulness teaches kids to be present - increases focus and attention

  • Kids need to MOVE and learn by DOING - yoga creates an experience connecting their body and brain

  • Inclusive of all needs and abilities - reaches all learners - everyone can do it and there is no way to do it wrong

Preschool to High School: Yoga for All Ages!

Preschool age classes: 

LS clap.jpg
  • Can be done in daycare centers, home child care, coops, Montessori, homeschool

  • Classes are 20-45 minutes - full of music, movement, and mindfulness

  • Ages 0-5 years old in a multi-age environment or separated by age groups

  • Inclusive classes are beneficial for kids receiving early intervention services

Elementary school age classes: 

MGS circle hold hands.jpg
  • Perfect for all settings - private, public, homeschool

  • Classes are 30-60 minutes long - can be in the classroom, a large room, or outside

  • Structured (and still playful): welcome, warm-up, move, cool-down, meditate, relax, goodbye

  • Great for kids as a whole class, small group, or 1:1

  • Lessons linked to common core, MA state curriculum frameworks, and IEP goals

  • All classes are inclusive of all learning abilities, styles, and needs

Middle - High School age classes: 

  • A supplement and/or alternative to P.E., health/wellness, guidance

  • Focus groups with targeted support for at risk youth

  • Lessons linked to common core, MA state curriculum frameworks, and IEP goals

  • All classes meet the student/s where they ARE; not where they are “supposed to be”

  • Every class works to make every student feel safe, welcome, and capable.


Rates vary based on location, group size and programming, it all starts with a chat!