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Mindful Educators FREE Open House

Mindful Educators FREE Open House **Sign-up REQUIRED

Being mindful in the unbelievably difficult job of teaching is, well, unbelievably difficult. But it IS doable. Mindfulness can help prevent and repair teacher burnout and replenish the joy that brought you to teaching in the first place.

Come to this open house to visit with like-minded educators and explore your opportunities for bringing mindfulness into your teaching.

Heather is an educator who has experienced teacher burnout firsthand - and lives to tell about it. She has practical tools, loads of research, and compassion to help you manage stress in a high stress job.

Since this Open House is run by a teacher, of course there’s an agenda! Ideally, plan to come from 4-6. But you can come anytime in between - life happens. Better to come for some than not at all.

4:00 - Settle-in
4:15 - Introductions
4:30 - Mindfulness Info (what is mindfulness and how it can help you)
4:45 - Guided Meditation
5:00 - Next steps - upcoming opportunities to bring Mindfulness into your teaching
5:15 - Questions, Comments, etc.

Open to: all educators (classroom teachers, special educators, school psychologists, parent educators, consultants, assistants, principals, administrators, nurses, specialists, etc.) from all settings (public school, private school, homeschool, unschool, travel school, hospital, residential, etc)

If you’re interested - this sounds awesome, right up your alley, but you can’t make it for some reason - email me!After the Open House I can rub in your face all the fun you missed out on. Haha, just kidding. But really, I will contact you and fill you in on the Mindful Educator opportunities that I share at the Open House.

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