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Crystal Healing Open House

Crystal healing is one of the more simple, yet powerful, methods of energy healing. It uses an easy, light energy that will leave you feeling good afterwards! Babies and children are welcome to be with you in the healing space (which will be the main yoga room at Breathe and Play) and/or they are welcome to have their own healing session. Crystal healing is safe and appropriate for all ages and energies! (Kids should be able to remain still for at least 5 minutes to have their own healing session)

The process can be done either sitting or lying down. You will be asked to choose from a list of specific areas that you want to work on:
1. Emotional
2. Mind
3. Physical Body
4. Internal Problems
5. Space Reversal
6. Time Enhancement
7. Pure Mind
8. Libido
9. Empowerment
If none of these stick out to you we can do a general one!
After picking the focus, I will, then, place crystals on the centers of the body that pertain to your desired outcome. (Example: If you want to work on your mind, I will place a crystal on your heart for this.) Then, you just sit/lay back and relax while the crystals do their work!

Each walk-in session will be about 20min.

Special Pricing for the Open House walk-ins is $25 (normally $40).

Walk-in treatments will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Come relax and bask in a healing energy specifically tailored to you!

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