Family Friendly Full Moon Meditation  

What does meditation mean for kids?! And families?! Can you meditate together? 
Come learn about meditation with the whole family - bring the kids for a family friendly meditation class.  Crafts, stories, and, duh, meditating!
No need to bring anything -- Dress comfortably

Essential Oils for a Healthier Family

March 10th -- 1:30-3pm -- $10
Learn about doTERRA essential oils and how to best use them in your daily life.  

Mother / Daughter Yoga

Starting in March - regularly scheduled - Saturdays 2:15-3:00

The bond of a mother and daughter is indescribable, invaluable, and irreplaceable.  It can feel like a roller coaster at times, to say the least. Allow yoga to calm the ups and downs - or at least ride them together.  Ages (for daughters) recommended 5 and up. 



Newborn Care- New and Expecting Parents

February 25th- 2pm         $45/person or $75/couple (10% Discount for Members)- 2 hours
Led by Melanie Venuti, IBCLC
This information-packed seminar will teach  you and your partner all you need to know about the basics of newborn care.  It includes information about preparing your home, newborn safety, sleep expectations, soothing, diapering, baby wearing and more!  We will discuss and practice things like holding, burping, diapering, bathing, and soothing our babies. 


Basics of Breastfeeding - New and Expecting Parents

March 11th- 2pm        $45/person or $75/couple (10% Discount for Members)- 2 hours
Facilitated by Melanie Venuti, IBCLC
This Class addresses topics such as proper latch, positioning, feeding cues and patterns.  Working through common challenges and where to find support it provides plenty of information to expecting parents to help prepare them for successful breastfeeding.


Pumping Tips and Tricks - New and Expecting Parents

February 22nd - 2:30 pm      $45/person or $65/couple (10% Discount for Members)- 90 Mins- Babies welcome
Facilitated by Melanie Venuti, IBCLC
Are you thinking about starting to pump? Preparing for a night away or to go back to work? This pre/post natal seminar focuses on the mysteries of your breast pump with tricks and tips for pumping while away from your baby.  Learn the basics of pumping, how to use your pump setting for efficient collection, how to protect your milk supply while separated from baby, in addition to learning milk storage guidelines, sanitation, transportation and more!

Introducing Solids - New Moms and Their Babes

March 8th - 2:30 pm   $45/person or $65/couple (10% Discount for Members)- 90 Mins- Babies welcome
Facilitated by Melanie Venuti, IBCLC
Starting your baby on solid foods can be fun, messy and confusing.  What foods do I start with? Do I buy jars or make my own? what texture is safe? how much will they now drink?  Join us to learn how to make introducing solids to your baby a smooth and fun transition for the whole family.  In this seminar we discuss the basics of baby food preparation, learn about researched methods including baby led weaning, appropriate types of foods an textures, portion size, and incorporating breastfeeding and bottle feeding.


Positive (and Practical) Parenting for toddlers to preschoolers

Saturday, March 3rd -- 2:30-4:30pm -- $45/person  or $75/couple (10% discount for members)
Led by Heather DiNino, M.Ed
If kids only came with a manual... 
My education has always been child development. I've read books, written theses, and have degrees - but NOTHING has been as educational (and humbling) as having my own children.  
This workshop is about SUPPORTING each other in a NON-JUDGEMENTAL space to talk about and problem solve our children's behaviors.  
I will share with you:

  • Basics of Positive Parenting (What it IS and what it IS NOT)
  • Research on behavior (developmentally appropriate vs behavior that requires support)
  • Resources, books, and articles in case you want to geek out with me
  • Practical tips and handy tools on how to deal with your kids in real life

MOST importantly - we will WORK TOGETHER to identify and problem solve behaviors that are less than desirable
Best suited for parents of children ages 1-5.


American Heart Association CPR/First Aid - Infant/Child/Adult

Sunday, March 11th---- 12-2pm  $75 per person  (plus $20 in if you want the certification card - optional) 
Led by Julie Amaral, RN
This class is FUN, hands on, and full of knowledge. It covers CPR for infants, children, and adults, as well as basic first aid for all ages (including the Heimlich).
Julie is a Registered Nurse and a certified American Heart Association Instructor.  She founded Heartfelt Safety Programs, she’s a heartfelt mom and a gorgeous soul.  Read more about Julie and Heartfelt Safety Programs here.

Upcoming Workshops:

Other things to look forward to:

  • Birthing classes
  • Picky Eaters 
  • Sleep and sleep training

Make your own EYE PILLOW -- March TBA -- $15/person
Join us as we make eye pillows! Eye pillows can be unscented or infused with the essential oil blend of your choice. Eye pillows can be used over your eyes in meditation, savasana, or any down-time.  They are great for blocking out visual stimulation and can be very effective in relieving headaches, migraines, and stress.  EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED! Just sign up and show up.