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Summer Membership- 2019

Imagine if you could remain calm even in the midst of chaos?

Imagine if parenting could feel fun and full of joy?

Become a Member and make breathing and playing your summer motto

The ENTIRE summer (15 weeks!)- UNLIMITED CLASSES

From your June 1st- September 15th
(You even get a little taste of the spring and fall Schedules with this deal)
**This membership does NOT auto-renew. It is a one-time purchase.

Use the Promo Code "early bird"
$40 off brings the cost down to only $249!!!
EXPIRES May 15th 
(feel free to share - anyone can use this promo code)

Did we mention it's for your entire family?!

AND it includes:
Unlimited access to all regularly scheduled classes
Discounts on Barefoot Books, doTERRA essential oils, workshops, pop-up classes, and more!

This membership pays for itself in 14 visits!
That's just four times a month;
or just once a week

Have you thought about bringing yoga to your school? Check out Yoga In Schools or our Breathe and Play Teacher Training!