Private, Small Group, Family Sessions - just for you!

All sessions can be schedule as a one-time or a recurring appointment
All sessions can be held at the studio, at your home, or at a mutually agreed upon location
Rates range from $75-$150 depending on location, amount of people, and frequency of appointments

Private Lessons - 1:1

Private lessons allow you to get individualized attention and EDUCATION. Private lessons get the WORKS!  The individualized attention means we can focus on YOUR body, brain, and breath. We can set up alignment just for you, give you poses to practice that will help your patterns of pain, and find what works for you in your lifestyle.  Maybe you're not crazy about facing the unknown of a group yoga class.  Maybe you want to learn what your alignment for your body should be so you can safely follow cues in a group class.  No matter what brought you here, we've got you covered! 
Recurring privates include progress monitoring so you can see the impact yoga is having on you!


Small Group Lessons - 2-5 people (any age)

A popular choice for tweens/teens, but a great choice for any age! You get to choose who to do yoga with! Grab your most favorite (nonjudgmental) peeps and bond over some downward dogs.  Small groups choose the class style, hands on assists, partner/group poses, and/or aromatherapy. 


Family Session - 2+ people

Probably (definitely) our most popular choice of privates. Families KNOW they want to do yoga together... but life prevents them from coming to our weekly scheduled classes! Schedules, hesitant kids, ..... Now there's no excuse! You can have an entire family yoga session custom-designed for YOUR FAMILY. How awesome is that?! You choose the time, the place, and the style. You know it's good for the family - now you just have to schedule it. What are you waiting for? Go grab your calendar!