Breathe & Play + Om Births


Breathe and Play Every Day  has officially parentered with Om Births Programming!

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Expert Support for all 4 Trimesters

  • Surround yourself with support, knowledge, and self-care from the very beginning

  • Nurture your changing body (and lifestyle) with others who feel similar joys and pains

  • Tune in to yourself - learn to explore and trust your intuition in the journey of parenting


What we offer at Breathe and Play Every Day 


These groups are free and open whether you have never been here before or you come all the time.

  • Weekly New Parent Group- time to chat with other parents - appropriate for babies (under 1 year)
  • Weekly Playgroup with coffee, water, snacks, and laughs - all ages welcome (babies, toddlers, and kids)


Sign up for classes down below. Read class descriptions HERE. 

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  • OM Births Prenatal Yoga yoga for all three trimesters
  • OM Births Baby & Me Yoga yoga specially designed for postnatal bodies 
  • Gentle Yoga (for you) babies welcome to hang out!  
  • Yoga Flow (for you) babies welcome to hang out!
  • Zumbini - music & dancing with baby!


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  • Om Births Prenatal Partner Yoga Yoga for labor, birth, and connection.
  • Om Births Calm Mom, Calm Baby, Calm Birth Restorative, gentle (and need we say... calm)
  • Om Births Ab Rehab Find and strengthen your postpartum abs
  • Newborn Care - diapers and swaddles and feeding, oh my!
  • Basics of Breastfeeding - how, when, why
  • Pumping Tips and Tricks - headed back to work? We've got your back!
  • First Aid/CPR - we hope you'll never need it, but be prepared in case you do
  • Baby Sign Language - learn and play!
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