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What is Breathe and Play Every Day all about?


Above all we are a supportive, shame-free zone for you to recharge your batteries

We are 2 moms who are really freaking tired and we have a love/hate relationship with parenting - we get you... we totally get you. Come hang out with us. We have coffee, yoga and funny stories.  We created this space for YOU - because you deserve it! So come on in - kick off your shoes, and we'll take it from there.



We have so much to offer:

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Growing a human is hard work! Life probably feels quite different than it used to - yoga can help you get in touch with your changing body, brain, and heart.  We offer the ONLY licensed Om Births programming - that means we have the BEST instructors, the BEST classes, and the BEST workshops! Start out with the best from the very beginning.

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Kids & Teens Yoga Classes

Breathe and Play Inclusive Yoga programming offers classes with a specialized approach to meeting each child where they are. Classes are welcoming, fun and engaging - and most importantly, effective.  Yoga decreases stress, anxiety, and depression and increases self-awareness, compassion, and regulation.  Each season offers a different focus of direct yoga instruction.  Breathe and Play Yoga teaches tools and strategies that last a lifetime.


Family Yoga Classes

Busy lives? Breathe and Play together!  Quality over Quantity - make your time together count.  Zumbini, Family Yoga, Boyoga, Mother + Daughter yoga, and private family sessions are all fun and valuable ways to bond with each other.  



Adult Yoga Classes

You can't pour from an empty cup - Yoga for YOU so you can thrive rather than just survive (at least for an hour or so!). If your little one joins you, they may hang on your mat, play in the connected playroom or move about the yoga room. All-levels adult yoga is offered - you can flow or you can hang in child's pose. We don't judge : )


Ready? Bring Your Family & Let's Move!


Check out our upcoming classes!

If you're anything like us, you like to know what to expect. We have so much information to share! Check out our Class Description page to see what each class is all about. And if you like what you read, you can sign up right there!


Workshops & Special Events!


In addition to our regular weekely classes we also offer a variety of in-depth workshops to support the health of your family! Prenatal Partner Yoga, CPR, Sleep Seminars, and Parenting classes are just a few of the seasonal workshops we have to offer.

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