the heart of it all

you run the family. you manage the house. no one needs to breathe and play more than you.

Just because you are a mom, doesn't mean your yoga practice has to suffer.  Come and make some time for you in the middle of your crazy busy life, because a little bit of self love can go a long way. 

adult warrior

While you breathe...

  • Adult Yoga Flow

  • Adult Yoga Gentle

  • Happy Mom = Happy Baby

  • Mother = Daughter Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Specialty Classes and workshops to save your sanity!

Your kiddos play...

Just because you're taking time for self-love doesn't mean your kids get the shaft.
Bring those kiddos along - they are free to come and go between the studio and play space while class is in session (usually they choose the play space with just an occasional peek through the curtain).

boys playing