Sessions. Love them AND hate them. Here's why you should take the leap.


My kids are three and one. Their moods are unpredictable, we're crazy busy, (or maybe just crazy) and getting both kids out of the house in any kind of orderly or timely fashion is absolutely impossible. So, I totally get it when you hear 'sessions' and you cringe, roll your eyes, or click to a different site. There are a million things going on in your life and a billion things going on in your head - asking you to commit to a session might feel intimidating. But hear me out - it might be worth taking the leap.

Sessions build community

Much of Breathe and Play's mission is based on building community. We want to be your home away from home. We want your entire family to feel comfortable and to have a safe space to come and be together, getting to know yourself and your kids a little more along the way.  When you go somewhere for the first time, how comfortable do you feel? When you go somewhere once in a while, how comfortable do you feel? When you go to the same place often and see the same people often, how comfortable do you feel? When we are comfortable, we feel safe. When we feel safe, we THRIVE.  Most adults WANT to feel comfortable and safe... but kids NEED to feel comfortable and safe in order to thrive.  Living in an unpredictable world where so much is out of their control, providing a little bit of routine and familiarity can go a long way. Allow yoga to be their safety. their comfort. their place to thrive. Maybe the kids form friendships.  Maybe they never say two words to each other. But they will know what to expect when they show up. 

Sessions build knowledge.

A session of classes allows me to plan lessons that build off of each other for multi-layered learning.  By enrolling in a session, your child is able to build on their knowledge and skill set each week.  Attending an entire session means they learn more poses, more breathing techniques, and more calming and coping strategies.  Beyond the 'quantity' of yoga they're learning, it's actually so much more about quality.  They are able to delve into a deeper level of yoga. If they come to one class and quickly fall out of a balance pose, they usually don't feel awesome. But when they come back week after week and learn that with practice, they can all of a sudden balance that entire wiggly body on one foot for minutes at a time - wow. That's powerful.  See, yoga isn't just an activity to keep them busy while you have a cup of tea (although that's a nice upside). Enrolling your child in a session of yoga means they will walk away with knowledge and skills that they can apply to their daily life

Sessions build generalization.

Consistency is the only way to generalize a skill.  Kids yoga is fun and playful and fantastic, but the reason I teach it is because Kids Yoga is EFFECTIVE. It teaches the difference between loud and quiet, happy and sad, calm and chaos, balance and imbalance. And then we practice mindfulness to know what the hell to do with all of that.  (Physical postures are only about 12% of yoga by the way) So sure, kids can drop-in and do yoga poses any time, but the more consistently they come, the more yoga becomes part of their life. I don't teach kids lion breath so they can stick their tongue out at me in class. I teach it so they learn that angry feelings produce heat in their body. A way to discharge heat is with lion's breath. If they're angry, you cue lion's breath and help them learn to identify and manage big feelings. Now, can you learn this in one class? Maybe. But consistency builds generalization. Sessions allow for yoga to be effectively integrated into their daily life.

Ready to commit?
We love you.

Not ready to commit? 
We love you!