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Growing your own mindfulness practice brings life back to your teaching. The clarity and perspective that mindfulness brings will continuously replenish your energy both in and outside of school. (Don’t tell me I’m the only one who has snapped at my family after an exhausting day of teaching.)

Teaching your students mindfulness helps children of all ages learn about themselves. Self-awareness and self-regulation are directly correlated. I don’t know about you, but I feel like self-regulation is the single most important thing for children to learn.

If there is to be peace in the world ... there must be peace in your heart
— Lao-Tse

Upcoming Mindful Educator Events:

Mindful Educators FREE Open House

Saturday, September 7th, 10am-12pm

Being mindful in the unbelievably difficult job of teaching is, well, unbelievably difficult. But it IS doable. Mindfulness can help prevent and repair teacher burnout and replenish the joy that brought you to teaching in the first place.

Come to this open house to visit with like-minded educators and explore opportunities for bringing mindfulness into your teaching.

Heather is an educator who has experienced teacher burnout firsthand - and lives to tell about it. She has practical tools, loads of research, and compassion to help you manage stress in a high stress job.

10:00 - Settle-in
10:15 - Introductions
10:30 - Mindfulness Info (what is mindfulness and how it can help you)
10:45 - Guided Meditation
11:00 - Next steps - upcoming opportunities to bring Mindfulness into your teaching
11:30 - Questions, Comments, etc.

Open to: all educators (classroom teachers, special educators, school psychologists, parent educators, consultants, assistants, principals, administrators, nurses, specialists, etc.) from all settings (public school, private school, homeschool, unschool, travel school, hospital, residential, etc)

Mindful Educators Focus Group

8-week session | Wednesday’s 5-6pm
Dates: 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20, 12/4, 12/18

Time: approximately 20-30 minutes a week of mindfulness (in your own time) and attendance to all 8 meetings
Money: $100
Feedback: complete short feedback surveys and share anecdotal information based on your experience with the program

Access to the entire Mindful Educators curriculum & program
Guidance and instruction for implementation (including teaching tips & tricks and modifications)
Loads of references, research, and resources
Endless amounts of support - even after the course is complete

A little about Heather: Educator by trade, by heart, and by soul.
Heather spent years teaching full-time in a variety of settings - private, public, and residential - all ages from PreK to PreTeen; mostly special education, behavior, and/or trauma. While Heather truly and deeply loved teaching, she often felt frustrated by the pressure, the stress, and the red tape of the system. She gave it her all - literally - and burned out. Teaching yoga and/or mindfulness to students in her studio, local schools, and in the community keeps her grounded and fulfilled. Teaching educators how to bring mindfulness into their life is her purpose. She knows, firsthand, the struggles, obstacles, and stresses of teaching - and she is incredibly passionate about supporting educators so they are able to keep doing the phenomenal work they do!

A little about the Mindful Educator program: This program, written by Heather DiNino, M.Ed, contains a program and a curriculum that fits educators of all kinds. It will help support and teach educators how to Teach Mindfully AND Teach Mindfulness.

Teach Mindfully

  • Learn how and why mindfulness is magical

  • Start (or grow) your own mindfulness practice

  • Experience how mindfulness changes the way you teach - replenish your energy, rediscover the joy, and see with more clarity and perspective

Teach Mindfulness

  • Set up your environment to foster teaching mindfulness

  • Teach your students the core concepts, benefits, and magic of mindfulness

  • Learn to implement proactive and reactive mindfulness teaching at various times throughout your day/week

  • Work through obstacles, struggles, and mishaps (trust me, I’ve had many)

  • Learn to accommodate, modify, and alter the lessons for the students you work with (for varied ages, abilities, behaviors, interests, settings, etc.)

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