Kids Yoga

big feelings
so. much. energy
Yoga teaches kids how to manage this developmental stage - and it teaches adults how to breathe through it all. It's a win-win.

Let kids be kids! They're not even in the double digits yet!


Here's what to look for on the schedule!

  • Toddler Adventures
  • Kids Yoga (ages 3-6)
  • Kids Yoga (ages 6-9)
  • Family  Yoga (ages 0-5)
  • Family Yoga (ages 4-10)
  • Mother + Daughter Yoga (ages 5+)
  • Free Playgroup
  • Adult Yoga (gentle or flow)
  • Meditation - full moon is family friendly!
  • Positive (and Practical) Parenting Workshop

Save more per class by signing up for an entire Session...Our 10 week Spring Session starts March 25th.  

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