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Yoga is proven to help decrease stress, anxiety, and depression, and to help build strength, flexibility, and balance. Not just in your body - more importantly (especially for families) in your brain. Whether it’s for you, the kids, or the whole family, we are a true all-levels studio. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, welcoming, and kind. (And we think we’re pretty funny, too.) Don’t take our word for it - come try a class to connect Body, Brain, and Breath.




Art is a beautiful process - and that’s exactly what your experience at Art Spot will be. You will be welcomed with a smile every time and encouraged exactly as you are. The act of art can be very therapeutic - like a meditation while you create. The Art Spot classes serve to enrich creativity, nurture the imagination, and enable people of all ages and abilities to explore a variety of art modalities in a fun, supportive environment. Everyone is an artist. Everyone can create. You just have to show up. (And let the mess be here instead of at home!)



Whether you want to bring yoga and mindfulness into your current work or quit your day job and become a full-time kids yoga teacher, this is for you!! Yoga and Mindfulness for kids and families is becoming quite popular - we pride ourselves in having trainings of high quality. It’s so fun you’d never know we take it so seriously, but a training that can link to the common core?! We’re not messing around - come see for yourself!


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Yoga is Your Home Away from Home

Breathe and Play Every Day isn't just ANY yoga studio.  We are a growing community of families looking for a place of welcome, comfort and support.  Whether you visit once or a million times, make yourself at home - we do! We stock our favorite coffee and Kind bars - and we share! 

We offer a wide variety of classes for all ages so your family can be part of a yoga centered community at all ages and stages.



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We are Moms too!

This whole adventure started by both of us looking for a Nanny.  Instead we found each other. 
We realized that we both were struggling through mommy-hood and we both had a love of yoga. 
So, we created a space that we could do both.

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