Family...the heart of you. 

Family can mean so many things to so many people, but for now, lets just say it's you and your very special peeps.


These Non-traditional yoga classes give you the opportunity to let loose and have a little fun with your kiddos.  Show them you know how to  be carefree and have fun.  Kids see and hear everything we do, so let them know that even though days can be crazy busy and stressful, there is always time for play.  Take this time to reconnect and have fun again with your kids by becoming one yourself...


What to look for...

  • Family Yoga
  • Free Playgroup
  • Meditation - full moon is family friendly!
  • Mother + Daughter Yoga
  • Small group and Private Classes

Need a little help regaining your Sanity?

  • Positive (and Practical) Parenting Workshop
  • Sleep Workshops
  • AHA CPR Workshops
  • Picky Eating Workshops
  • and many more...

Maybe some light reading?