Groups - FREE and OPEN to all

New Parent Support Group (best suited for parents with babies 0-6 months)

Parenthood can turn your world upside-down - we're here to help you build your village.  The group is led by a fellow mom with a certified lactation consultant coming in every 3rd Thursday and is attended by parents who are in the trenches with you. Whether you want to vent, problem-solve, or just get out of the house and be at a place where no-one judges you for being unshowered and covered in who knows what- stop by anytime.

Playgroup (ages 0-5 with adult)
Come play! We have plenty of developmentally appropriate toys for all ages from babies to preschoolers.  The kids have a blast - which maybe even gives you a chance to have a cup of coffee and adult conversation?!  There is no structure and no requirement to arrive or leave at a certain time.  Stay for 5 minutes or for 2 hours.

Adult & Child Classes

Family Yoga
Family yoga is a fun way to release tension and bond with each other.  Practice breathing, play around with partner/group poses, and learn relaxation techniques that you can use at home.  Families of all shapes and sizes in any combination of ages are welcome to come stretch bodies and minds. Classes are split up into 3 age groups (see below) so that classes are developmentally appropriate and effective. 
Ages 0-5: Designed to be a non-traditional yoga class - playful, energetic, and fun. There are NO expectations of kids being able to sit still, be calm, or follow directions. 45 minutes -- $18/1 adult&child -- $30/family -- free with membership
Ages 4-10: Best suited for children who would like to practice a playful version of a gentle adult class.  Expectations are that children are able to follow directions and stay on a yoga mat for most of the class.  Class structure is still flexible and fun, but more similar to a traditional yoga class. 45 minutes -- $18/1 adult&child -- $30/family -- free with membership
Ages 11+: Yoga is about YOU. Learn about yourself and your loved ones in a special class that connects body, brain, and breath for total balance.  This is best suited for adolescents who are more apt to practice a traditional gentle yoga class. All abilities welcome - never done yoga before? This is your place to start. 60 minutes -- $18/1 adult&child -- $30/family -- free with membership

Mother + Daughter Yoga (ages 5+)
Come practice yoga with a focus on unconditional mother/daughter love. The bond of a mother and daughter is indescribable, invaluable, and irreplaceable. It can feel like a roller coaster at times, to say the least. Allow yoga to calm the ups and downs - or at least ride them together. Best for mothers of any age and daughters ages 5 and up. 45 minutes -- $18/1 adult&child -- $30/family -- free with membership

Family Meditation
Have you ever noticed an energy shift around the full moon? Once a month (on the Wednesday closest to the full moon) come to a family friendly meditation. This 45-minute class will explore what meditation means for kids and families with a focus on the full moon and the energy surrounding lunar cycles.  Each full moon has it's own name, which we will explore with family friendly stories, crafts, and (duh), meditating!
45 minutes -- $18/1 adult&child -- $30/family -- free with membership

Zumbini (ages 0-4)
Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun! 
Zumbini is so special it even has it's own page - check out more info here :)

Happy Moms - Happy Babies (newborn to pre-crawling with adult)
Welcome babies to their human body in a nurturing, energetically sensitive way.  Gentle restorative adult yoga poses help support moms postpartum body.  Take this time to tune into yourself and your baby's body, brain, and heart to bond together.  Got twins? NO PROBLEM! We're here to help - bring them both!
45 minutes -- $18/person -- free with membership

Toddler Adventures (ages 1.5 years - 3.5 years with adult)
 Movement is so healthy and SO necessary for toddlers! Using yoga, music, and stories we will increase our child's body awareness, balance, and strength.  In this non-traditional yoga class, help your children channel their energy and learn to manage developmentally appropriate difficulties (tantrums, sleep difficulty, separation anxiety, sound familiar?!)  
45 minutes -- $18/adult & child -- free with membership

Baby Sign Language Learn & Play (0-2 years with and adult)
This fun interactive play group will teach you and your baby ways to communicate well before they have words to do so using Baby Signs. This child development class will teach signs related to things going on in your baby's life. Each week we will focus on things like animals, food, bath time, playtime, and much more! The Baby Signs Program is based on American Sign Language (ASL) with a few "baby friendly" modifications to make the signs easier for our babies to do.   This class is a perfect way for parents, grandparents or care takers at any age to learn and engage their babes.  

Adult classes

Prenatal Yoga
Nurture yourself in this journey with prenatal yoga - a connection of body, brain, and heart.  Poses and sequences are designed to explore and support your changing body.  Guided meditation, visualization, and breathing techniques helps center, focus, and calm your thoughts and feelings. Each class is the perfect balance of body, brain, and heart connection. Partners or family members are welcome to join.
60 minutes -- $18/person -- free with membership

Adult Yoga Flow (kids play)
This is an adult yoga class for yogis looking to flow - All levels are welcome.  This class will take you through poses warming up your body, brain, and heart and ends with a restorative Savasana (and head massage). What could be better than that?!  Children of all ages are welcome to stay with you on your mat or play in our adjacent play space. (**We are NOT licensed child care providers. We DO try to supervise the play space and engage your child. We are NOT ultimately responsible for your child.**)
60 minutes -- $18/adult & child -- $30/family -- free with membership

Gentle Adult Yoga (kids play)
We all need a little gentle in our life, right?  Enjoy a calming, nurturing, inclusive yoga practice for yogis of all levels.  This relaxing class will target your individual needs by meeting you where you are - body, brain, and heart.  Children of all ages are welcome to stay with you on your mat or play in our adjacent play space. (**We are NOT licensed child care providers. We DO try to supervise the play space and engage your child. We are NOT ultimately responsible for your child.**)
60 minutes -- $18/adult & child -- $30/family -- free with membership

Meditation has become quite the buzz word lately.  Maybe you've heard about it and have NO IDEA what it is. Maybe you've tried and hated it. Maybe you've been practicing for years. No matter what your experience with meditation is - come join us for a group meditation class. Each week we will explore a different style of meditation - learning a variety of styles to see what works for you.
45 minutes -- $18/adult & child -- $30/family -- free with membership


Kids classes

Kids Yoga (Ages 3-6)
Children learn to identify emotions and manage "big feelings" in a healthy and fun way.  This class helps children to learn independence through predictability, consistency, and play.  We will practice balance, strength, and flexibility while having fun and being playful.  Class often goes from loud to quiet, from fast to slow, from movement to stillness. Only with extremes will kids ever learn balance.
45 minutes -- $18/person -- free with membership

Kids Yoga (Ages 6-9)
Kids deserve to be kids - they're not even in the double digits, yet! After being in school all day and all week, kids can come to yoga to kick off their shoes and enjoy YOU time.  Children will learn mindfulness to increase focus and concentration.  They will practice yoga (while having fun) to stay playful and healthy - inside and out. 
45 minutes -- $18/person -- free with membership

Tween Yoga (Ages 9-12)
As demand increases in school and in life, so may a child's anxiety. Learning to be mindful can provide the necessary tools to increase executive functioning skills (attention, task-completion, and organization) while helping to decrease anxiety and depression.  This class is a judgement-free, safe space to explore and discover our inner and outer beauty.   Tweens will practice restorative yoga poses, gentle yoga sequences, and creative meditation.
45 minutes -- $18/person -- free with membership

Teen Yoga (Ages 13+)
Teen years are a time of transition - physically and emotionally.  A yoga practice may help increase self-confidence and self-esteem to help provide a solid foundation for independence.  In a time of busy lives and big decisions, a gentle yoga practice can help slow things down and teach us to be mindful of our decisions.  Teens will learn to listen to their heart and explore their intuition to make smart choices and navigate tricky situations.
60 minutes  -- $18/person -- free with membership

Senior Yoga

Senior Chair yoga is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available - a unique yoga style that adapts yoga positions through creative use of a chair. Poses are done seated in the chair and the chair is used for support during standing and balance poses. The class is custom-designed and modified so that even those with health restrictions, decreased range of motion, and physical challenges, can enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice. Emphasis is on breathing and taking things at your own pace. Each class consists of:

  • Welcome greeting: thought of the day/intention and simple breathing techniques
  • Seated warm-up
  • Gentle stretching of the upper body, back, lower body (seated then standing using chair for balance)
  • Seated cool-down 
  • Guided meditation and relaxation

Senior mat yoga is a specialized form of yoga - perfect for seniors who are still able to move fairly well (getting up and down from the floor).  The class is structured with particular attention to common injuries, ailments, and life stressors.  The instructor provides modifications and accommodations specific to this particular age group.   looking for a peer group to practice with and specialized instruction with age appropriate modifications. Each class consists of:

  • Welcome: Intention and breathing
  • Warm-up
  • Yoga 'flow' -  (combination of floor and standing poses)
  • Cool-down 
  • Guided meditation and relaxation

Interested in something else?  Contact us!