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All groups are FREE for members and available as drop-ins for non-members.
See individual descriptions for pricing.

Playgroup (ages 0-5 with adult) 
Come play! We have plenty of developmentally appropriate toys for all ages from babies to preschoolers.  The kids have a blast - which maybe even gives you a chance to have a cup of coffee and adult conversation?!  There is no structure and no requirement to arrive or leave at a certain time.  Stay for 5 minutes or for 2 hours.
FREE for members and non-members

Mondays: 9-11 am    - Mila Vaskov & Heather DiNino

Saturdays: 9:45 - 11am - Heather DiNino

New Parent Meet- Up
As if delivering a baby wasn't hard enough, now you have to take care of it?! Diapering, cuddling, and feeding can be wonderful - it can also be lonely, difficult, and extremely frustrating. Join us for a New Parent Meet-up with, tea/coffee, and chatting. Whether you want to vent, problem-solve, or just get out of the house and be at a place where no-one judges you for being unshowered and covered with pretty much anything - stop by anytime. You are welcome to come alone or bring any support person you'd like. A scale will be provided so you can weigh baby before and after feedings, if you choose.

Tuesdays: 10-11am - Mila Vaskov

Family Classes

Family Classes are FREE with memberships and available as sessions and drop-ins. See individual descriptions for pricing.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga
This is a one-of-a-kind class that welcomes prenatal and postnatal together. This offers a unique opportunity for all 4 trimesters to connect. Particular attention is paid to poses, sequences, and cues that support prenatal and postnatal bodies (yes, ladies, from kegels to diastases - we’ll take care of you). Connect to your baby (whether in utero or in arms), connect to your pelvic floor (whether in-tact or in stitches), and connect to other women who are on a similar journey. Your instructors are highly trained (and personally experienced) with pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postnatal support and care. You will feel safe and cared for in this specialized class.
Free with membership -- $18/adult & baby (multiples come free!)
The studio is on the second floor. We have elevator access after 2 short flights of stairs, so it's best to have baby in a carrier, a carseat, or your arms for easy access to the studio space. If you bring your stroller - we are happy to help you up with it. Give a call up and we'll come down to meet you!

Wednesdays: 9-10 am  -  Angela

Thursdays: 10-11am  -  Angela

Sundays: 10-11am  -  Francesca

Baby Sing & Sign (2-15 months with adult)
This is a lap sit class where you and baby can sit on the floor or a chair (whichever is more comfortable)! Learning and incorporating baby sign language is a great way for babies to start learning communication before they are ready to verbally do so. Babies and adults will learn baby sign through stories, songs, and interactive fun. This (unlike mini-zumbini) does not involve loud music, instruments, or dancing. It’s a more sensory-friendly version for babies (or adults) who prefer a quiet environment.

Tuesdays: 9-9:45am - Mila

Fridays: 1:30 - 2:15pm - Mila

Mini Zumbini (ages 2-15 months with adult)
This class is rooted in the Zumbini program (described below) - full of music, dance, AND baby sign language! It's geared towards pre-walkers (2-15 months), so there are a couple of 'get up and dance' songs, but most of the class is floor based music and play with baby sign incorporated throughout.  Send your baby in with parents, grandparents, nannies, caretakers - whoever can take them so they don't miss out on the fun, educational experience of mini-zumbini.
Free for members -- $18/adult & baby (multiples come free!)

Tuesdays: 1:30pm-2:15pm  -  Mila

Thursdays: 9- 9:45am  -  Mila

Fridays: 12:30- 1:15pm - Mila

Sundays: 9-9:45 am  -  Mila

Zumbini (ages 0-4 years with adult)
Created by Zumba® and BabyFirst, the Zumbini® program combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun! This class is lots of movement - let your littles burn off some energy (and you'll burn some, too!) with music you can actually stand listening to! 
Zumbini is so special it even has it's own page - check out more info here :)
Free for members -- $18/adult & child. $5/ additional child.

Mondays: 11-11:45 am  -  Mila

Wednesdays: 11:15-12 - Angela

Fridays: 9-9:45  -  Mila

Preschool Yoga Adventures (ages 1.5-4 years with adult)
Meet them where they're at - this class is super playful and feeds right into a child's natural imagination.  Practice the foundations of breathing, yoga poses, and mindfulness in an engaging, creatively fun class. Watch little loved ones giggle, sing, and dance their way through yoga. There are NO expectations that children are able to sit still, quietly, or stay on their mat.
$20/adult and child. $5/ additional child.

Wednesdays: 10:15-11 am -  Angela

Fridays: 10-10:45 am  -  Heather

Saturdays: 9-9:45am - Heather

Family Yoga (ages 4-8 years with adult)
Family yoga is a fun way to release tension and bond with each other.  Practice breathing, play around with partner/group poses, and learn relaxation techniques that you can use at home.  Families of all shapes and sizes in any combination are welcome to come stretch bodies and brains. This class is best suited for children who would like to practice a playful yoga class - class structure is still flexible and fun. 
$25/pair. $5/additional person.

Sundays: 11:15am- 12pm - Francesca

Family Yoga (ages 9+ years with adult/s) 
Yoga is the perfect way to learn about yourself and your loved ones.  This is a special class that connects body, brain, and breath for total balance.  Family Yoga is a time to practice breathing techniques, yoga poses, and mindfulness.  No experience necessary and great for families with older children, tweens, and teens (even if they’re hesitant, they are MORE than welcome).
$25/pair. $5 each additional person.

Sundays: 12-1 - Francesca

Family Yoga for Homeschoolers - All Ages
This is a one-of-a-kind class for homeschoolers and their families. Family Yoga offers organic opportunities for relaxing and bonding. Learning together all day/all week/ all year is a wonderful experience - but also presents itself with unique stresses. This class is a great way to learn and practice calming techniques to help you through the difficult homeschooling moments. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for families who homeschool to meet each other and form community and support.
$18/adult & child. $5/ additional child.

Thursdays: 11-11:45 - Angela

Kids classes

Kids Classes are FREE with memberships and are available as sessions and drop-ins. See individual descriptions for pricing.

Kids Yoga (Ages 3-6)
Children learn to identify emotions and manage "big feelings" in a healthy and fun way.  This class helps children to learn independence through predictability, consistency, and play.  We will practice balance, strength, and flexibility while having fun and being playful.  Class often goes from loud to quiet, from fast to slow, from movement to stillness. Only with extremes will kids ever learn balance.
Free with membership -- $18/drop-in -- session prices vary depending on Holidays/days off

Thursdays: 4:15- 5pm - Francesca Costabile

Kids Yoga (Ages 6-9)
Kids deserve to be kids - they're not even in the double digits, yet! After being in school all day and all week, kids can come to yoga to kick off their shoes and enjoy YOU time.  Children will learn mindfulness to increase focus and concentration.  They will practice yoga (while having fun) to stay playful and healthy - inside and out. 
Free with membership -- $18/drop-in -- session prices vary depending on Holidays/days off

Mondays: 4-4:45 pm  -  Francesca Costabile

Tween Yoga (Ages 9-12)
As demand increases in school and in life, so may a child's anxiety. Learning to be mindful can provide the necessary tools to increase executive functioning skills (attention, task-completion, and organization) while helping to decrease anxiety and depression.  This class is a judgement-free, safe space to explore and discover our inner and outer beauty.   Tweens will practice restorative yoga poses, gentle yoga sequences, and creative meditation.
Free with membership -- $18/drop-in -- session prices vary depending on Holidays/days off

Tuesdays: 5-5:45 pm  -  Francesca Costabile

Teen Yoga (Ages 13+)
Teen years are a time of transition - physically and emotionally.  A yoga practice may help increase self-confidence and self-esteem to help provide a solid foundation for independence.  In a time of busy lives and big decisions, a gentle yoga practice can help slow things down and teach us to be mindful of our decisions.  Teens will learn to listen to their heart and explore their intuition to make smart choices and navigate tricky situations.
Free with membership -- $18/drop-in -- session prices vary depending on Holidays/days off

Thursdays: 3-4 pm  -  Francesca Costabile

Adult classes

Adult Classes are FREE with memberships and are available as drop-ins. Pricing per class is as follows:

  • 'Adult Only' Classes - $15/class - no children are allowed at adults only classes

  • 'Babies Welcome' Classes - $15/class; additional $3/baby -Babies (1 year and under) are welcome to stay in the yoga room with you - on/near your mat. The playroom is not open/supervised.

  • 'Kids Welcome' Classes - $15/class; additional $3/baby; additional $5/child - Babies are welcome on/near your mat AND kids are welcome to play in our adjacent play space.  (**We are NOT licensed child care providers. We DO try to supervise the play space and engage your child. We are NOT ultimately responsible for your child.**)

Prenatal Yoga
The body changes in ways you never knew were possible during pregnancy. Each trimester brings it’s own joys - usually accompanied by some aches and pains. Prenatal Yoga is known to help provide tools that support labor and delivery - physically and emotionally. Our experienced instructors will guide you through poses that are safe and appropriate for your changing body. Prenatal classes also offer a unique experience to meet other expecting moms. This gentle class will leave you feeling deeply connected to your body, your breath, and your baby.

Wednesdays: 5:30pm -6:30 pm -  Joanna Barrett

Thursdays: 6-7pm - Francesca Costabile

Yin Yoga
This is an adult yoga class for yogis of all levels. We promise, it's a real all levels class.  Whether you've never done yoga before or you've been practicing for years, you will feel right at home. This class will take you through poses stabilizing, integrating, and creating space in your body, brain, and heart.  The poses and sequences are derived from Vinyasa but offer a variety of options to suit all bodies, styles, and levels. Whether your favorite pose is child's pose or chaturanga, this would be an hour well spent.

Wednesdays: 7-8pm - Joanna Barrett

Adult Yoga Flow
An all-levels vinyasa flow best suited for adults looking to move.  This class is a bit more fast paced then the gentle, but we always offer a variety of modifications and options to suit all bodies, styles, and levels.  The class will methodically work muscle groups, targeting areas of the body to stabilize and stretch while integrating body, brain, and breath work.  

Tuesdays: 12:15-1:15 pm  -  Mila Vaskov

Wednesdays: 11pm-12pm - Angela O’Sullivan

Thursdays: 12:00-1:00 pm  -  Mila Vaskov

Fridays: 11 am- 12 pm  -  Mila Vaskov

Strong MOM!

Strong Mom is a power vinyasa yoga class focused on building strength and flexibility while exploring peak poses. This class is perfect for the moms who are ready to step it up a notch! Modifications are always offered but expect a creative flow designed to help you take risks and challenge yourself safely. Each class will also incorporate deep relaxation and hands on assists (using Amie's background in Thai Yoga Massage). You will leave feeling stress free and your baby will be in awe of their strong mom!

Mondays: 2:30-3:30pm  -  Amie Lytle

Senior Discount - First class FREE - $10/class
Military Discount - Veteran's and their families - 20% off classes and memberships


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