Heather DiNino

Yogi, Mom, Co-Owner, Founder

Breathe and Play Every Day is quite simply my dream come true.  I feel as though everything I've done to this point has led me here, and I am deeply grateful.  This studio is full of love and light, support and hope, breathing and playing.  Together, as a family, with our families, we will be there for each other helping our little ones (and ourselves) to learn, to love, and to live each and every moment.


Yogi - Yoga introduced me to a community filled with compassion and kindness for which I am forever grateful.  Since 2008 I have maintained a daily practice of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.  I am constantly reminded that how I feel on my mat often reflects how I feel in life. I believe it's never too early to start- yoga helps to maintain kids' natural curiosity and enthusiasm for life and self-exploration. 
Yoga Certifications include Sacred Seeds Yoga School (RYT-200), Radiant Child Yoga (RCFY-95), Creative Relaxation (Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs), and Stretch What Matters (Yoga for Special Needs).
Educator - I hold a B.A. in Psychology / Elementary Education as well as dual M. Ed in Elementary Education and Special Education.  I bring my 12 years of teaching experience into the yoga studio using visuals, sensory tools, and developmentally appropriate language (and an occasional connection to school curriculum). I strongly believe in honoring each individual for who they are exactly as they are.  I strive to make each student feel welcome,  accepted, and respected in every environment.  Learning can only happen when a child feels comfortable, and learning is supposed to be FUN!
Person - I love nature and the outdoors - particularly the beach.  I am grateful for any time that I can listen to the waves, watch the tide come and go, smell the ocean breeze, and feel the sand in my toes.  I enjoy spending time with my two young children, husband, and pug.  Becoming a mom has no doubt been a life changing experience.  I try to learn from the challenges of parenting by seeing life through their eyes.  Perspective and compassion in this way has shown me the little miracles that exist in everyday life.


Mila Vaskov

Yogi, Mom, Co-Owner


Yogi - Since starting my practice in my early twenties I have found that yoga has become essential in helping me maintain my mental and physical strength.  It helps ground me in every aspect of my life...  Yoga IS my strengthening center.  I find that when I am on my mat, it is impossible to think about anything other than the present moment. It is my escape.  It is my center.  It is my play.  It is my breath. Completing my Yoga Teacher Training with Jacqui Bonwell (RYT-200) deepened my heart, my love, and my connection to myself and others. 
Mom - As a mother to two young children, I have found it extremely hard to maintain a daily practice or a practice at all.  I wanted a place to practice yoga, be part of a community, and still have my children with me.  I looked (and looked, and looked, and looked some more...), but to no avail.  That is why I'm the biggest cheerleader for Breathe and Play Every Day.  I'm excited to share my knowledge, passion, and empathy with sleep-deprived families everywhere. 
Jack-of-all-trades - In my past life, I owned and managed "Lucky Dog," a Charlestown based dog walking company.  My husband and I have kept ourselves busy learning how to renovate and fix up properties.  Originally from New Mexico, I bring some west coast style to my east coast life.  My happy place includes pristine turquoise water, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and a delicious cold drink in my hand.


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Lori Scott

Breathing is yoga. Compassion is yoga. Anything where you bring kindness, love and mindfulness into your life is yoga. Whether you are a toddler or a senior, in that moment, we are the same. Yoga has transformed my life and I am committed to helping others of all ages connect with their inner peace.
As a 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher with the National Yoga Alliance, I hold a Kids Yoga Teacher Certification as well as Seniors Yoga Teacher Certification. I am also First Aid / CPR / AED Certified with the American Red Cross.
My yoga journey began over 15 years ago, taking classes to improve flexibility and relieve stress.  After over 25 years of working in the corporate world, I decided to pursue my Yoga Teacher Certification and turn my passion into my full-time career. Out of all my accomplishments, I am most proud of my family and my role as a mother of two boys.
While my daily yoga practice continues to bring balance into my life, sharing yoga with others feeds my soul. I am dedicated to helping yogis of all skill levels and all ages feel renewed and balanced. Creating a relaxing, supportive, safe and inclusive atmosphere for ALL students to feel comfortable is very important to me. Yoga is for EVERY body! Having taught yoga to children, teens, adults, and seniors, I understand the benefits of yoga and the specialized instruction needed at every age.
As I find balance on this journey of life, practicing yoga with my children, husband, parents & grandparents brings me great peace and joy. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this beautiful practice with your family!


Angela O'Sullivan


My yoga journey began in my early 20's when I found meditation. Practicing meditation allowed me to find stillness and clarity. Practicing Prenatal Yoga during all three pregnancies enabled me to connect with and embrace my ever changing body and baby, and simply feel good by safely and mindfully moving. 
In 2012, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which shifted my perspective on life.  This guided me even deeper into alternative therapies for healing and a Gentle Yoga practice moved to the forefront.  Learning to embrace the shifts in my body and the ebb and flow of life through meditation and mindfulness lit the spark within me and I knew I wanted to share yoga with the world.
I became a Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), and joined my passion for working with woman through their pregnancy and beyond by becoming a certified OmBirths Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor.  Teaching yoga is simply a gift to my soul; I learn so much from my students.  I believe that when we build community and encourage each other, everyone's light shines brighter, we feel more nourished, whole and complete. There are so many ways yoga can be enjoyed as a healing modality to bring more peace, calm, and joy into our lives and the world. Yoga is Universal - it is accessible for EVERYONE and EveryBODY, and everyone gets something a little different and special from it. 
Additional certifications include Kids Yoga, Senior/Chair Yoga,  and Yin Yoga.

Colleen O’Keefe

Colleen Bio Pic.jpg

Yoga has been part of my life since I was fifteen - it came into my life at the perfect time, when I really needed some support and grounding. And it has remained an important part of my journey. I have trained with, and traveled with, yogis across the country and in Costa Rica - learning from mentors and teachers and deepening my personal practice. I am also Reiki certified and specialize in holistic / alternative care such as kinesiology.
I recently completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education. I have worked in a variety of settings including daycares, Montessori, disabled care, and yoga studios. In addition to a yoga instructor, I also work for Alternatives ABA and nanny for an amazing family. When I’m not working (which is hardly ever!) I love spending time with my family outdoors - my two daughters are my world and my best teachers.

Joanna Barrett

Joanna Barrett pic.jpeg

Joanna Barrett, MA, RYT, is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Clinical Mental Health Clinician, offering counseling and yoga to clients with emotional and physical challenges, as well as those looking for stress relief and relaxation.
My journey to yoga began after struggling for many years with depression, chronic fatigue, migraines, insomnia, and extreme stress. My body, mind, spirit, and soul needed profound calming, centering, and relaxation. After my first yoga class, my mind was clear and open, my body’s tension had subsided, and I felt that there was healing that could be done on my mat.
Three years later, I found myself gravitating towards teacher training to advance my practice and find passion and purpose in my life. Moved deeply by the psychological effects of yoga, I decided to pursue a career in yoga and mental health counseling. My experience in holistic wellness and mind-body modalities for healing has led me towards guiding individuals to reach their full potential for optimal well-being.
I have over 1,000 combined hours of yoga training in vinyasa, yin, prenatal, restorative, therapeutic, and trauma-informed yoga.  I offer private yoga sessions in all styles and Yoga for Emotional Wellness.  More information can be found at www.JoannaBarrettYoga.com

Amie Lytle


Once I realized I had discovered something deeply transformative for my mind, body and spirit I was overcome with the desire to share the practice. In 2011, I began teaching my family and friends and eventually my classmates at the Actors Studio Drama School. In September of 2012, guided by Jennifer Yarro of Frog Lotus Yoga, I traveled to Wolfe Island, Canada to pursue my 200 YTT in Power Vinyasa Flow. I continued my training with Jennifer in Thai Yoga Massage at the Triple Gem School in October of 2012.
 I spent the fall of 2012 teaching Vinyasa Flow classes at various venues in NYC ranging from Hour Children, a rehabilitation center for formerly incarcerated women located in Queens to her friend Dana Dobreva's apartment located in Williamsburg. 
 I relocated to the Boston area in January of 2013. I have taught throughout New England at several BSC's, AIDS Action, Karma Yoga Studios, Quiet Mind Studio (Wellfleet) and Brooklyn Boulders (Somerville.) I currently work at the Corner Studio (Medford), Starr Yoga (Roslindale), Chakra Power Yoga (Braintree) and BSC~South End.


Francesca Costabile

I first discovered yoga about 10 years ago when a parent of one of my students gave her advice to try heated yoga to help with my joint inflammation and pain.  It wasn’t until a bad flare up of my auto immune disease a few years ago that I realized the need for yoga in my life every day.
Since returning to my practice I have made yoga a daily part of my life and have seen first hand the healing benefits that yoga brings not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well.
Learning how to breathe properly and how to move my body to the rhythm of my breath has been a life-changing and transformative experience. Teaching others this powerful transformation is a true passion for me. I am a firm believer in the power that this movement can have on the overall well-being of both adults and children.
I have been working with and around children for years. My jobs have ranged from daycare provider, program director, and yoga instructor with children of all ages. Though I don’t have my own children, my nieces and other family and friends sometimes feel like my own (though I can always give them back at the end of the day!) My professional and personal experience with children has provided me with perspective about parenting and the joy (and chaos) that kids bring! Yoga helps to embrace both the joy and chaos - and I am honored to be part of that journey with your families.
I completed my 200hr yoga teaching certification at Inner Strength Studios in Watertown.
I am also prenatal certified through Om Births and I recently completed my Breathe and Play Children’s Yoga certification with Heather. 
I am so excited and grateful to have met Heather and become a part of the Breathe and Play Every Day family!

Amy Corral


I am a 200 RYT with an additional 100 hours of training Yoga for Emotional Wellness.What started out for me as a physically focused vinyasa practice over 15 years ago when I was looking for a way to stay flexible for my work as a theater artist, has evolved into appreciation of the unique way that yoga supports physical and mental well being in the many arenas of life. I feel fortunate that my mat and a host of wonderful Boston yogis moved with me thru graduate school, pregnancy, demanding work environments, motherhood, creative projects and beyond. As a clinical mental health counselor, professional actor, mom, wife and yogi, I see yoga everywhere and believe there is yoga practice for everyone. I appreciate that some days practicing yoga means taking some deep breaths while waiting in the pick-up line at school or standing in tree pose while I do the dishes, but I truly treasure those moments when I can be present on the mat and bring a deep respect to teaching those who make the time to connect to practice in the studio.